Mabna - Web-based Software Sales and capillary distribution

Financial Accounting

  • Ability to define account coding up to 6 levels and coding up to 25 digits
  • Ability to define detailed float accounts and the nature of the accounts
  • Final and temporary registration of documents and efficient techniques to facilitate document entry
  • Ability to compare accounts at different periods and forecast liquidity based on accounts and receivable/ payable documents; the ability to select different banks and accounts playing a role in the calculation; and the ability to move from balance to office and from office to document and return to office and balance

Warehouse and Capillary Distribution

Ability to define visitor's information such as region, route, and customer; the customer characteristics and customer groups; and determine the credit limit for each customer and define contracting companies, and different types of discounts (Rials - percentage) for goods or customers; orders and the possibility of registering orders (proforma invoice) for the customer with special warehouse controls and determination of Rial or percentage discount on the order; the issuance of invoice and store's requisition from order registration forms based on time period or special order form; and communication with store, and financial systems, debtors and creditors; the possibility to define sales objectives at the center, agency, and visitor levels


Since the cost of payrolls comprises a significant part of the costs of any institution, it is necessary to make the necessary provisions in this system to ensure the accurate payroll. On the other hand, the payroll system should be designed in a way to gather the necessary information quickly, calculate the necessary deductions, calculate the net amount payable to each employee, and provide flexibility and integration. Therefore, the Mabna payroll system provides organizations with efficient facilities.

About the Mabna

20 years of successful activity

Clearer insight, more accurate investment

Selected Software Consultants Company (Mabna) was established in 1999 and registered with the number 155290 and is also a member of the Informatics Council with the identification number 3152-78. So far, Mabna Company has experienced three different generations of software in its portfolio. The first generation of DOS BASED software in the 70's helped Mabna's customers. The second generation of the software was produced with the Windows platform and the Mabna's customers used this kind of software in the 80's. And the third generation of Mabna software is web-based and called MabnaERP.

Why Mabna?

  • Updating software according to the latest technologies
  • Providing specialized solutions for the sale and capillary distribution at all levels of activity
  • Providing solutions suitable for different distribution companies (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, dairy, beverage, etc.)
  • Member of the High Council of Informatics, the Computer Craft Union, and the Informatics Association
  • 20 years of experience and brilliant participation in the country's software industry
  • Meeting all customers' needs in cooperation with the following companies: Mabnet (network and hardware provider) Hami (financial service provider)

Specialized Strategies for Capillary Distribution in Various Industries


Veterinary Animal medicine



Dairy products

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Customer Care


What is ERP Software?

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MabnaERP is a process-oriented and specialized web-based commercial software package for the distribution industry. Its aim is to integrate information and establish data flow between all units of the capillary distribution organization at headquarters and some branches in the financial, human resources, capillary sales and distribution sectors, and manage communication with customers which helps the organization to operate in an integrated environment in terms of information, process, and information-driven in real time.

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Participation in Development

Mabna Company has introduced a new solution called Participation in Development, in addition to providing APIs that help customer companies for peripheral development. In this solution, the development team of the distribution company can develop the software through secure ports after defining the needs in the product team and developing the needs in terms of comprehensiveness and connection with the main core of the software.

Pos Tablet of Mabna, A Comprehensive Solution in Sales

Pos Tablet of Mabna features the latest payment terminal technology, which uses the latest PCI x.5 PTS security certificate and Android 7.1. The screen of this card reader is 5.5 inches. Two cameras with LED flash are used in this device that can scan one and two dimensional barcodes. This device has wifi capability. This device supports NFC payment and electronic signature. Apart from offering on-site payment solutions for stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., it is the best choice for distribution companies.

Facilitating Processes and Improving the Quality and Efficiency of the Business

Mapping and tracking visitors

Scientific Visit Software

Pos tablet of Mabna

Tablet software

Based on the key slogan #we are all together, we always try to maintain our connection with the customers and facilitate and make the support process faster. We try to provide the customers with the necessary platform to better use software solutions and features. Having 2 active support areas in Tehran and Zagros, Mabna provides services to its customers even during holidays, and supports its customers considering the existing standards and protocols. In addition to technical support services, Mabna uses benefit of updated versions to coordinate the changes applied in the current and tax laws of the country, and the Mabna experts help you to implement these changes.

Deployment quality is the most important step in the future satisfaction of the users of a software. Mabna pays special attention to set up and schedule, quality of the deployment team, user training, conversion of basic information from previous software and customer care. Adequate customer focus and adherence to the schedule provided for project implementation is one of our most important needs to advance a successful deployment. A successful deployment guarantees the future of software in the customer organization

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